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Thursday 5 May 2011

The Big Quiz part 9

Did you vote to keep the shots down to 11 with 16/9? That would be a huge blunder. It is very important to make an inner board point, because Blue's game becomes so much easier when White dances. It's just a question of which one. In the match I selected 8/4, 7/4, following the old dictum to make the points in order, but that leaves 16 shots (and 3 blots). 6/2, 5/2 is much better, 8 shots and 2 blots, but best of all is 7/3, 6/3 even though it leaves 9 shots. This is because it is much easier to fill one gap rather than two and also correspondingly more difficult for White to escape. Making the 3pt leaves only the 4pt as an escape hatch, rather than the 3pt and 4pt when Blue makes the 2pt.
Score 1pt for this simple play, nothing for anything else. Did you count the shots incidentally? I obviously didn't in the match!
However, I got away with making the 4pt because White danced and then I rolled 6-4.

Position ID: tHsYA0DYewsiAA

It's 4-away, 4-away, White owns the cube and is on the bar, Blue to play 6-4. Over to you! Until tomorrow, enjoy the game!


ah_clem said...

Did you vote to keep the shots down to 11 with 16/9? That would be a huge blunder.

A big blunder indeed, since there are more than 11 shots if you if you play 16/9: Any ace (that's eleven shots) plus the fly shots from the bar: 45, 36 for a total of 15 shots.

As for today's question, making another homeboard seems almost automatic, and the choice is clear: make the two point. We want to win a gammon here, and White has a blot in her homeboard, so damn the blots on the 13 and 16, full speed ahead!

Anyway, I only count seven shots after 8/2 6/2, and except for 11 they all require White to leave the blot on the 22 uncovered. That's the beauty of the whacking play: tempo. Putting her on the bar takes away half her roll, and filling in another point takes away alot of shakes that would hit otherwise.

dorbel said...

6-1 and 5-1 don't hit in the first diagram Clem, so 11 shots is correct.

ah_clem said...

Oops. As I've admitted before, I suck at shot counting. (c: