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Thursday 2 June 2011

Anchor bear-ins, the Ace point part four.

Well, how did you get on with this one? In the match from which it comes, ,Blue tried 6/3(2), 5/2(2). I hope that you didn't. White's board is never going to be weaker than it is now and that, combined with the difficulty of bearing in the last three checkers from the bar should point you clearly in the direction of "Pay now" and not "Pay later." Even if White chooses (or is forced) to sit on her anchor Blue will have a hard job to clear the bar, but an astute White player will make it worse by putting checkers into the gaps with fours and threes to generate extra shots.
7/4(3), 6/3 is the best play and 7/4(2), 6/3(2) is a small and seemingly pointless error. 7/4(3), 3/0ff is a blunder. I can't think of a case where it's right to leave the blot on an inside point. It's hard to cover, if you pick it up it leaves a gap and worst of all, it can lead to double and triple shots later. Anyway, Blue got hit, but recirculated and eventually won a gammon.
Does this mean that we have covered all that there is to say about 24pt anchors? Hardly! It would take a book, but I hope that you've found something to think about. I'll look for some nice deuce point positions next.
In the meantime, here's a nice cube action problem for you.

Position ID: xHPwAQPbZhECQg
It's Game One of a five pointer. Blue has been playing on for an undoubled gammon, but has now been hit and White has managed to anchor. What's the correct cube action for both sides? Too good to double? Double/take? Double/pass? No double? I'll be interested to hear from you.
Hasta manana!

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ah_clem said...

Doubling from the bar seemed outre the first time I saw it. But here the double seems clear. Blue is way ahead in position (5 point board vs a one point board) and race. Threats look about even, but the threat of entering and hitting is severe.

But with White owning the five point gammons should be fairly uncommon, so I don't think it's too good.

What about the take? Can white eke out enough wins to take this? Maybe, but I'd pass. Too far behind in the race, no structure other than the golden point, humongous board for the opponent and a blot waiting to be whacked. D/P