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Friday, 24 June 2011

A Tough Call For Ducks.

This is where we left it in the last post. Blue leads 1-0 to 5.
I tried 10/4, 5/3, which clem also suggested in his comment. It's a blunder. Like him I thought that I would try to hold onto my bar pt as long as possible, but in practice this just isnt realistic. Its worthless when White hits and when she doesn't, White will find a play on the other side of the board and I will then have to break the bar anyway. Best to do it now and make the 3pt, 7/3(2). Usually better to make a point than slot it and a five prime is not to be sneezed at. I even get some safe sixes to play next turn! The score is the key here. The most important feature is that Blue can't risk having a fourth man sent back. He may be hit this turn and after the match play he is more likely to be hit later too! The match play is probably correct at dmp but loses many more deadly gammons here. As it happens, White rolled 6-6 next, crashed and my blunder worked brilliantly! That's bg.

I think most of us play with ideas in our heads that are a shortcut for thinking. Here's a fascinating position from a match I watched on gridgammon.

It's 0-0 to 5. Blue is a beginner and she got it very wrong. See if you can do better and tell me the answer. I'll let you know what she tried and what she should have done tomorrow and I do mean tomorrow. I know that sometimes days go past in between posts. Be patient please, life sometimes interferes with backgammon.
Until tomorrow, enjoy the game!


Anonymous said...

bar>29; 22>20 anchors 20 pt and sets up for back game options

Steve said...

Bar-20 is forced, so what to do with the 2? On the face of it, 22-20 looks sound, making the GP is usually a Good Thing. But it would leave 2 blots in White's home board, plus another on the 7-pt. So, how about 24-22? Activating the back runner and duping White's 6s.

ah_clem said...

Agree that bar/20 22/20 is "obvious" and it's probably what I'd play over the board. Usually making either 5-point is a good strategic move. But with white having the better board, a hitting contest is not in blue's favor, so covering blots and minimizing shots may be best.

The question is, which is better in this position, the strategic GP, or the tactical limiting shots? I'm going to go with my first inclination - for one, I've developed an aversion to holding the three point (it neither gives good chances going forward, nor does it sit back far enough to force shots) so I'll take this opportunity to get off of it. bar/20 22/20.