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Sunday 3 July 2011

Moet or Veuve?

One of the most pleasant decisions that we face comes when we have to decide between playing on for the gammon or doubling and taking a point. This is rather like the man in the Marbella supermarket (true story this), who I heard call out to his wife, "They 'aint got no Moet luv, you want Veuve?" Here are three positions from a Gridgammon match. It's the first game of a 13 pointer and the Blue checkers are being played by the expert Italian Carlo Melzi. Take a look at these and decide what is the correct cube action for both sides. You'll do well to get all three right.

Position One. Blue on roll, 0-0 to 13. White is on the bar.

Position Two. Blue on roll. 0-0 to 13.

Position Three. Blue on roll, 0-0 to 13, Blue is on the bar.

Three positions of varying toughness, so take some time and decide what is the correct action for both sides. A large and well informed gallery of watchers got at least one of these wrong. How will you do? The comments section is there, so share your thoughts.
Until tomorrow, enjoy the game!


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Julia said...

I know my biggest weakness is not doubling early enough, but I think:

1) Too good.
2) Double/pass
3) No double

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ah_clem said...

I know that you've posted the answers already, but I haven't looked at them, or the other commenters opinions either.

1) White can still anchor and then if she does it's a very different game. I'm not seeing twice as many gammons as single losses, so I say double rather than play on. White may have a pass here, but I'm having a hard time seeing it. D/P

2) I'd double here too. Position, race, threats. If blue misses the blot it becomes an ace point game, for which the usual rule of thumb is 15-20% gammons and losses - about equal, so playing in shouldn't be correct. PRAT is 3 for 3, so that implies pass. D/P

3) Doubling from the bar takes some guts, but Blue's superior position may make it correct. It's a clear take (to me anyway) I'm going to say no double, but it won't surprise me if it is a double. I'd take another shake and see what happens. ND/T