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Friday 22 July 2011

What's In This For Me?

In this post I want to take a look at some positions from a lesson with a fibster. This player, a relative newbie to bg, has a rating around the 1900 mark so clearly can play more than a bit. We're going to take a look at his cube action and today we'll just have a look at three positions from a five point match and see how you cope with them as a quiz.

Position 1

Position ID: 4LsHACawzyMDCA

0-0 to 5. Black is on roll. What's the correct cube action for both sides?

Position 2

Position ID: kevBARTg28EYQA

Black leads 2-0 to 5. He is on the bar and on roll. Cube action for both sides?

Position 3

Position ID: 4NuJAUgx14MBFA
Black leads 2-0 to 5

Black is on the bar and White is on roll and owns a 2 cube. What is the correct cube action for both sides?

There you go. Favour us with your answers and much more importantly, your reasoning please.
I'll be back soon with the answers so don't delay!
Until then, enjoy the game!

1 comment:

ah_clem said...

1)White has a three point anchor and her bar point, so the take is pretty clear. White should be in the game til the end. I wouldn't double as black - 8 and 6 are still stacked, the midpoint is stripped, and I only have two homeboard points. ND/T

2) Again, the take is clear - black has no board, and only 10 checkers in the zone. Were I behind in the match I'd consider doubling, bu leading 2-0 I hold. ND/T

3) White is poised to make a third homeboard point and/or send another checker to the roof. This smells like gammon, so trailing 2-0 it's a clear double. I think black has enough assets to take, but I won't be surprised if ti's a pass. D/T