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Friday 27 January 2012


I'm sorry that you haven't had much to look at these last few days. Sometimes inspiration dries up, sometimes I research some positions and then find that in fact they are not as interesting as I first thought, sometimes I write something and then find that even I am falling asleep while reading it! However, enthusiasm is welling up again and I have some nice themes to look at this week. Hit or make the 5 point, an ever-recurring problem, some ways of looking at race cubes for beginners and how to make the most out of playing against bots. That's all in the next few days while I sit around with my leg up after having my varicose veins stripped (recommended for masochists and anaesthesia fans).
In the meantime, I want all of my British readers to mark a date in their diaries, for the annual Scope Charity tournament at the RAC Club on 26th February. This is a superbly run (Mike Main and Peter Bennet) day out in a fabulous venue, with a champagne reception, the best brunch you will ever eat, auctions and of course backgammon. It benefits Scope, the Cerebral Palsy charity and you will have a terrific day out and may even win something. More details at this url .

My annotated matches are still available at $10 a go.
Mochy v Falafel, 13pts. The two best players in the world playing at world champion level.
Mochy v Melzi, 13pts. Mochy takes on Carlo Melzi, the world class Italian.
Mochy v Peever, 13pts, Mochy v Paul Weaver, the world class American teacher.

All the significant plays rolled out and interesting positions annotated by me, with some comments from Mochy. Specify XG, Gnu, Snowie or Word doc.
payPal to dorbel(at)gmail(dot)com.

Finally, personal lessons are always available for all levels below expert. Based on your actual matches and focussing on the areas that lose you the most equity, these are only 20 euros a lesson. Think they might suit you? Ask for a free trial!

Finally, the best online league is Fibs League . Join anytime and usually start straight away. Well run, good fun, recommended.

That's it for today, tomorrow I hope to have something for you that isn't advertising! Until then, enjoy the game!

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Matt black said...

Hello again. Sorry to interrupt you when you were playing a match, I was trying to resume a saved match with gammon bot and I saw he was playing against you so I thought I may as well ask about the lessons whilst I had the chance.
I have many questions to ask but I saw that you give a free trial so maybe I can save them for the trial. One of the reasons I want lessons is that there is a great tourmanent comming up in England 'the playboy club backgammon million' and I wanted to give it a go. Hoping you could give me a serious assessment of my game and maybe some pointers for improvement. I hate study, enjoy playing. My email address is Hope to hear from you

Best wishes. Matt