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Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Comeback Starts Here

Game Four, Red (Mochy) leads White (Martin Birkhahn) 6-1 to 11.

WHITE: (6 5) 24/13
2. RED: (6 5) 24/13
WHITE: (1 1) 8/7(2) 6/5(2)
Note that 24/22, 6/5(2) is equally good. The 8pt is almost as good as the bar here and moving up at the back makes it more dangerous for Red to bring builders down into his out field.
3. RED: (6 3) 24/15
WHITE: (2 1) 13/10*
4. RED: (6 2) bar/17*
WHITE: (3 1) bar/24 13/10

White could also try bar/21 here. The match play is very static and exerts no pressure on Red to roll well, whereas the contact play aims for a blot hitting contest that caters to White's better board. The two plans are about equal.
5. RED: (4 1) 17/13 6/5
WHITE: (6 4) 24/20* 13/7
6. RED: (5 5) Can't move
WHITE: Double

Pass is correct. Red trails in the race, has no board and can't even anchor unless he gets a second man sent back. White's men are all in good positions to prime, blitz or just race. Nonetheless, this is probably just about a take for money, but a pass at this score, partly because gammons are much more valuable to White than they are to Red and partly because the cube is almost useless to Red.
6. RED: Pass

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