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Friday 12 November 2010

A Short One, Mochy v. Birkhahn Game 6

1. RED: (6 4) 24/18 13/9

WHITE: (4 3) 24/21 13/9

2. RED: (5 4) 9/4* 8/4

WHITE: (5 2) bar/20 9/7*

3. RED: (6 5) bar/20 24/18*

WHITE: (6 5) bar/20 13/7*

4. RED: (5 5) bar/20 13/8 6/1*(2)

WHITE: (4 2) bar/23 7/3

5. RED: (5 1) 8/2*

WHITE: (6 1) Can't move

Red has a correct double here and White would have a fairly easy take. These positions, where one side has a 20pt anchor but is on the roof against a three point board occur quite often and are usually doubles. Cover/dance loses the market so Mochy should turn it now, although note that it doesn't lose it by much. I think that he knows this and is prepared to pay that price to get the next point. Strong players are reluctant to double people in too easily at this score, because the recube comes earlier than usual. In the first game of a five point match there is a good reason to double, because you don't yet know how your opponent handles the cube. That doesn't apply here and not doubling is a sound practical play even though an error.

6. RED: (3 3) 13/7(2)

WHITE: (3 3) bar/22 13/10(2) 6/3

Martin makes an excellent play here, strengthening his board and making a good blocking point at the coast of leaving some shots. 13/10(3) is second best and would be a small error. Red should double after either play, with attacking chances, a stronger board and a race lead, although it would still be an easy take. However Mochy again holds on and rolls but he should definitely cube here, because now hit/cover/dance is a huge market loser. A large error.

7. RED: (5 1) 8/3*/2

This is a very small error according to a truncated Snowie rollout. However I can't say why that should be, as the match play leaves fewer shots and doesn't give White the chance to make the 22pt anchor. I like the match play although 13/12*, 7/2 is probably very close.

WHITE: (6 1) Can't move

8. RED: Double


........and Mochy leads again, 7/6. Next game coming up in a day or two, stay tuned!

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