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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Big Quiz

Today I'm going to start a match play quiz. These are taken from a match on GridGammon against a strong Japanese player called shirofukurou, about whom I know nothing except that he plays a terrific game. We'll start at the beginning of this five point match and work our way through, asking questions every now and again. Shirofukurou has the White checkers, I'm playing the Blue and the home boards are on the right. Note that when recording the plays, the points used are always from the point of view of the player on roll.
So far the play went like this, Blue 6-5, 24/13.
White 5-1, 24/23, 13/8.
Blue 5-1, 24/23, 13/8.
White 4-2, 8/4, 6/4.
All pretty clear so far, but now it's Blue to play 6-2 and the position looks like this.

There are only seven legal plays, so which of these five do you like?
(a) 13/7, 13/11.
(b) 8/2*, 8/6.
(c) 13/5.
(d)13/11, 8/2*.
(e) 13/7, 8/6.

Tomorrow (I promise) I'll have the answer for you. Tune in

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RickrInSF said...

i like c) 13/5