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Wednesday 28 September 2011

On Sale Now

Mochizuki Masayuki v. Matvey Natanzon, a 13pt IIBGF Match.

Better known as Mochy and Falafel, these two giants played brilliantly in this 10 game match. It is now available as an XG file, analysed and annotated by me and with the annotation approved and extended by both players.
It costs just $10 and is sure to be of interest to keen students at all levels. For those of you without XG, it is available as a .mat file for Gnu or Snowie at the same price, with the same commentary in a separate document. Orders to dorbel (at) gmail (dot) com, payment by PayPal please.
If preferred, you can pay 8 euros, or for UK readers 7 pounds.

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